Conduction-Cooled Rack System Design Offers Cost-Effective Versatility for Harsh Environments

Adoption of this new conduction-cooled rack system offers embedded computing designers broader options for implementation in environments that demand sealed, conduction-cooled housings. The modular execution of the adapter frame design provides greater freedom to accommodate the thermal characteristics necessary for their unique embedded applications in harsh, high-temp environments.

With the ability to adapt familiar, proven convection-cooled boards for use in conduction-cooled environments, designers can streamline new application development while avoiding the expense of custom conduction-cooled SBC development. Also, by concentrating any new component development to only the CCA frames customized for the desired standard 3U CompactPCI boards, designers can achieve their desired physical performance at minimal costs, and shorten implementation timeframes. Equally important, they can accommodate the diverse I/O demands of specific applications within the preformatted capabilities of standard hardware products.