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2014 / May
Multiradio System-on-Module OMP171from connectBlue
The OMP171 is a powerful, compact and adaptable System-on-Module with multiradio wireless capabilities, Linux OS...

    2014 / March
    Bluetooth System-on-Module OBP421from connectBlue
    The Bluetooth Dual-mode System-on-Module OBP421 is a Bluetooth v4.0 module open for executing customer developed...

      2013 / May
      Wireless LAN Rugged Ethernet Port Adapterfrom connectBlue
      The RWE251s is well-suited for applications where the Ethernet cable needs to be replaced with a robust wireless...

        2012 / February
        Bluetooth Low Energy Platform OLP425from connectBlue
        The OLP425 is a Bluetooth low energy single-mode platform module. The mounting options of a battery holder, temp...

          2011 / December
          Bluetooth Rugged Ethernet Port Adapter Rfrom connectBlue
          The Bluetooth Rugged Ethernet Port Adapter RBE231 is suitable for industrial installations, transportation and d...

            Wireless LAN module OWL253from connectBlue
            The Wireless LAN Module OWL253 has been developed for integration in industrial, medical, and other demanding de...

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