5 Wavecom Inc. products found
2003 / January
GSM/GPRS M2100from Wavecom Inc.
A dual-band, integrated GSM modem (EGSM900/1800 MHz or EGSM900/1900 MHz) ...

    M1200from Wavecom Inc.
    A dual-band GSM/GPRS modem (EGSM900/1800 MHz) ...

      2001 / October
      WMOi3from Wavecom Inc.
      A dual-band GSM or GSM/GPRS integrated modem ...

        WMOD2 & WMOD2Bfrom Wavecom Inc.
        Single- (WMOD2) and dual-band (WMOD2B) GSM external modems ...

          1969 / December
          WISMOfrom Wavecom Inc.
          A ready-to-use solution for wireless communication ...

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