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2005 / March
ClearVue 3D X-Ray Test Technologyfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
Better fault coverage of high density PCB assemblies. ...
  • Ideal for single or double-sided PCB inspection and BGA solder joints where loss of electrical and/or optical Test is problematic.
  • Uses a patented off-center tomosynthesis imaging technique -- a stationary X-Ray source and detector that, unlike conventional 3D X-Ray Test systems, does not require complex or rotating mechanical parts.

2004 / November
GDS-3100from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
Portable Maintenance Test System ...
  • Built-in modular instrumentation for general-purpose Test and measurement flexibility

2004 / March
XFramefrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
A PC-based, integrated program development environment for XStation, automated X-ray inspection (AXI) systems ...

    2003 / May
    TestStation LHfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
    An in-circuit test system ...
    • PC-based programming and Test using Windows XP or NT operating systems
    • High-performance digital vector Testing
    • SafeTest protection technologies
    • Comprehensive and automatic Test generation software
    • Automated Test quality measurement and debug software
    • Program and fixture compatibility with most 228X and TestStation models

    2003 / February
    Spectrum 9100 Seriesfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
    Test platform for factory and depot environments ...
    • High performance functional Test for digital and mixed-signal Test requirements
    • Support for multiple software and TPS development environments in the TestStudio, Web-based operating environment

    CC3 Lightningfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
    A high-speed channel card for Flash memory and ISP device programming on Spectrum manufacturing test systems ...
    • Combine in-circuit Test and device programming

    2003 / January
    ACP Modulefrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
    An Automotive Communications Protocol (ACP) module ...
    • Up to five channels of standard protocols can be operated independently, allowing for individual autonomous Testing

    2002 / December
    GPX621from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
    A high-performance test system mainframe ...

      Bi-410from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      Bit-4 Series Multiple module serial bus test instrument ...
      • High density Tester-per-pin architecture
      • Model-based serial bus Test capability

      D2Bfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      Reduces test and inspection program development time by providing a single integrated environment ...
      • Increases fixture accuracy and reliability by automatically generating fixture wiring files
      • FasTest probe placement solution in the market for In-Circuit and Flying Probe Test equipment
      • Generates output files for popular manufacturing Test equipment and fixture manufacturers

      2001 / September
      GRPX1030from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      A single-slot, 6U, 4- or 8-channel CompactPCI optical power meter ...
      • Applications include manufacturing Test of SONET/SDH and DWDM network equipment, simultaneous channel measurements, and specfic production Tests (mean launch power and equipment-performance monitoring)

      GRPX1009 from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      A dual-channel optical attenuator in the CompactPCI form factor ...
      • Delivered as a component of the VersaOT optical Test platform to extend its overall Test capabilities

      GRPX1008from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      A Tx/Rx optical switch ...
      • Switching matrix designed to maximize Testing flexibility and minimize instrumentation cost

      GR PXIscan Multi-Channel Amplifier (MCA)from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      A multi-channel amplifier ...
      • Used for automotive applications such as Testing antilock brake systems

      2001 / July
      GR PXIscan Breadboard Modulefrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      A platform for custom switching and signal conditioning applications for GenRad's GPX621 test mainframe and the ...
      • Programmable relays on prototyping area allow unit-under-Test circuitry connect/disconnect

      GR PXIscan High Current Switch Modulefrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      A single-slot, 6U module providing a load control and measurement matrix for GenRad's GPX621 mainframe and the G...
      • Control relays allow selective connection of eight unit-under-Test output channels to loads

      2001 / May
      GR Versa from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      An integrated PXI/CompactPCI test system ...
      • Tektronix OTS9000 series of optical Test instrumentation supports rates up to 10 Gbits/sec and is software selectable between SONET and SDH

      2000 / April
      M910from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
      VXI digital test subsystem supplies up to 704 bidirectional, variable-voltage, 25 MHz digital test channels in a...

        2000 / February
        M960from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
        A digital test instrument that provides digital stimulus and measurement capabilities of ±30 volts ...
        • 16 bidirectional, programmable-voltage Test channels with a 10 MHz data rate

        TestStudio/SP 99from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
        An open-architecture web-based ATE operating environment for test development, debug, documentation, and executi...
        • Test Program Set (TPS) developers can rehost legacy code written in application development environments like C++, Visual Basic, LabWindows, LabVIEW, and HP VEE, embedded in existing Test programs by organizing Test activities into steps displayed as nodes on hierarchal project trees
        • Drag-and-drop manipulation of tree "nodes" allow users to visually reorder Test steps or reuse Test data
        • No matter how many sources there are for Test code, TestStudio's sequencing engine executes the final code seamlessly, sharing data between nodes as needed

        1999 / December
        GR GPX621from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
        Test system mainframe in a 19-inch rackmountable, 21-slot, 6U CompactPCI/PXI chassis ...
        • Suited for data acquisition from the Assembly line and industrial control and automation environment

        GR PXIscanfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
        General purpose switch module designed to work with the GPX621 Test System Mainframe ...

          GR PXIscan Resource Controllerfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
          6U PXI module controls the PXIscan switch cards across a local bus using the CompactPCI P5 connector on GenRad's...
          • Supports the encoding of Test fixtures to ensure that the correct Test program matches the Test fixture, Test system, and the UUT
          • An external probe measures signals on restricted-access boards for additional Test measurements

          GR Versa ATfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
          PXI automotive test platform includes the GPX621 chassis, PXIScan switching architecture, and National Instrumen...
          • Combines National Instruments' multithreaded Test engine, TestStand, with GenRad's ENCOMPASS Test management software suite, enabling users to manage security, calibration, and the development environment

          1998 / October
          M9-Seriesfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
          Package of C-size digital test instruments for advanced digital and mixed-signal testing ...
          • One central resource board and up to 11 channel cards provide up to 704 bidirectional, programmable-voltage digital Test channels in a single 13-slot C-size chassis
          • 256 timing sets for mapping Test patterns
          • Off-line TPS development and three levels of self-Test software

          M920from Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
          Channel card for the M9-Series of VXI Digital Test Instruments offers 50 MHz data rates; 128K pattern memory per...

            1998 / July
            TestStudiofrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
            ATE operating environment now available as a standalone product for test development, documentation, debug, and ...

              1998 / May
              Spectrum 8800-Seriesfrom Teradyne - Assembly Test Division
              Board test system built around integrated VXI system architecture for in-circuit and functional board test ...
              • Open-architecture test platform based on VXI, PC, Windows NT, and LabWindows/CVI
              • Allows implementation of single-stage Test strategy, performing functional board Testing and flash programming, in addition to manufacturing Test

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