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A development environment that handles a range of computing tasks in engineering and science, from data acquisition and analysis to application development


  • Integrates mathematical computing, visualization, and a technical language
  • Built-in interfaces let users access and import data from instruments, files, and external databases and programs
  • Lets users integrate external routines written in C, C++, FORTRAN, and Java with their MATLAB applications
  • Used in a variety of application areas, including signal and image processing, control system design, earth and life sciences, finance and economics, and instrumentation
  • Numeric computing for quick and accurate results
  • Graphics to visualize and analyze data
  • Interactive language and programming environment
  • Tools for building custom GUIs
  • Support for importing data from files and external devices and for using low-level file I/O (plus access to databases and additional hardware through add-on products)
  • Conversion of MATLAB applications to C and C++ with the Compiler Suite

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