LABWindows/CVI Test Executive

National Instruments

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  • Version 2.0 Solaris-based instrumentation software development system
  • Automatic code-generation software for developing instrumentation applications with C under Solaris
  • This 32-bit development environment includes an ANSI C compiler, linker, debugger, variable trace display, and memory checking capabilities
  • LabWindows/CVI has libraries for designing graphical user interfaces; acquiring data from data acquisition and signal conditioning hardware and GPIB, VXI, and RS232 instruments; data analysis; data presentation; and networking
  • Users can incorporate C source files, object modules, and dynamic link libraries into LabWindows/CVI programs
  • Advanced sequencing and subsequencing; sequence-level debugging; ASCII sequence file generation/loading; easy customization of tests
  • User has ability to call tests in a variety of programming languages

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