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  • Industrial-Grade 5-Port USB Hub with High-Isolation
  • The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the USB-4620 industrial-grade USB hub with five USB 2.0 ports
  • The USB-4620 has isolation protection up to 3,000 Vdc for each downstream port, making every USB device connected with the USB-4620 safe and protected
  • Though the standard USB cable is made for easy plugging and removing, it is critical to have reliable connections while operating for automation control and online production applications
  • Advantech combines these two attributes into its USB module with a lockable casing accessory for type A USB connectors
  • Each device then can be connected to the USB-4620 easily and resist vibration at the same time, rising the convenience and reliability of the control system
  • The USB-4620 can be mounted many different ways such as, DIN-rail, wall-mount, and VESA mount

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