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FL mGuard
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  • Series of industrial-rated security devices
  • The FL mGuard products provide stateful firewall, router, and VPN functionalities in a single, rugged device
  • The line is available in two hardware styles for industrial Ethernet: the FL mGuard RS DIN rail-mount devices and PCI card versions for integration into industrial PCs
  • The FL mGuard solution has dedicated hardware providing security functions, which allows higher data throughput rates than software-based solutions
  • There are no limitations to the operating system or the type of devices connected to the FL mGuard
  • It can protect PCs running all versions of Windows, as well as PLCs, I/O units, bus couplers, and other industrial Ethernet devices
  • Integrates quickly and easily, without modifications to the system settings or driver installation
  • For applications that currently need a modem but might migrate to an Internet-based VPN connection in the future
  • It includes an optional integrated modem that can serve as a backup connection
  • This makes connections to the remote site future-proof
  • mGuard products complement Phoenix Contact's broad range of industrial Ethernet products, including switches, I/O, Power over Ethernet, software, and wireless

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