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First Advanced Mezzanine Card module to implement Sun Microsystem's 10GbE multithreaded networking technology
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  • This Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) features four optical Ethernet ports, two 10Gb SFP+ and two 1Gb SFP
  • Features Sun Microsystems's network controller with chip multithreading (CMT) technology for optimized network performance, whether paired with Intel, AMD? or Sun Microsystems' Netra server blades
  • Multithreading helps accelerate application performance by optimizing I/O throughput within environments that utilize parallel threads
  • With its 24 independent DMA channels and hardware packet classification, CPUs can actually achieve more I/O parallelism with fewer CPU resources
  • Fully hot-swappable in either AdvancedTCA or MicroTCA environments
  • Available in mid-size and full-size variants

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