LCR-Reader Digital Multimeter

Siborg Systems

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LCR-Reader akin to Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is a lightweight, digital LCR- and ESR-meter with automatic component identification and 0.5% basic accuracy. Each device comes with an NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate. Various gold-plated probes allow to handle components to a 0201 size, either mounted on a PCB or loose. LCR-Reader determines the type of component and best test parameters. The impedance values, component type and test frequency used are instantly displayed on the OLED display. Smart Tweezers LCR-meter has a higher basic accuracy of 0.2% and additional features: continuity/diode test, component sorting, adjustable test frequency and signal level. The latest model offers BlueTooth connectivity with PCs, Android and iOS devices. LCR-Reader Probe Connector is a kit converting LCR-Reader and other Smart Tweezers like LCR-meters into probe stations. The shielded two-wire connector allows LCR-Reader to test a complete PCB and measure larger components with virtually no extra parasitics. The kit includes 5 replaceable probes: long and medium pin-probe, alligator clips, spade connector, and 4 mm multimeter plugs. Other tweezer-like tools offered: LED Test Tweezers for LED testing using 3 fixed current ratings and Multifunction SMD Test Tweezers that allows to convert any Digital Multimeter with 4 mm jacks into a tweezer-meter
LCR-Reader Digital Multimeter
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  • • LCR-Reader, Best selling Professional LCR/ESR meter with 0.5% basic accuracy and NIST traceable Certificate, 1 Oz weight
  • • Smart Tweezers ST-5S LCR-meter with 0.2% basic accuracy, continuity/diode test, optional Bluetooth connectivity for measurement data logging
  • ? Smart LED Test Tweezers for LED testing and connection to any conventional multimeter for tweezer-like measuring capability
  • • SMD Test Tweezers converting any multimeter into a tweezer-meter good for up to 0402 components
  • • LCR-Reader Probe Connector compatible with Smart Tweezers and transforming the tweezer-meter into a low frequency (0.1, 1 and 10 KHz) Probe Station

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