Network Switching and Routing Product Family

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If proven performance in demanding applications is what you look for in an Ethernet switch, Elma has the answer. Our Ethernet switches and routing engines perform in a wide range of applications. Address your networking requirements with the broadest and most technologically advanced family of networking products on the embedded market. Elma offers solutions for high speed networking in defense, industrial, medical and telecommunication systems. Based on the latest silicon available from Marvell, our Interface Concept line of products have been serving critical roles in defense programs as well as key industrial installations for over twelve years. Models support basic switching up to the latest layer 3 routing protocols. Our Switchware™ graphical user interface (GUI) makes network management simple with an easy to use interface enabling network optimization, analytics and troubleshooting. All Ethernet switching products are supported through our Pennsylvania office by one of the most experienced staffs in the industry. Customization is available at low volumes. We also provide custom packaging and backplane designs along with thermal analysis for system platforms as well as complete integration and system design support. Look to Elma’s Interface Concept line of networking products for the speed, scalability, reliability and security your systems require.
Network Switching and Routing Product Family
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  • 12 year track record of solid performance, reliability and longevity in defense applications
  • 3U, 6U, mezzanine and custom chassis solutions including SFF and 19?? rackmount
  • VPX, VME, cPCI, cPCI serial, mezzanine and PCI/104 versions
  • 1Gig, 10 Gig and 40Gig links with copper and fiber port options
  • Front or rear I/O for up to 28 ports on a 6U board plus low volume customization
  • Air and conduction cooled models, -45°C to +85°C with optional conformal coating
  • Low volume customs including port location, count, type and GUI enhancements

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