HME-621 and HME-623

Ethernet Direct Corporation

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  • Industrial 6 10/100BASE-TX + 2 100Base-FX ports Managed Ethernet Switch
  • Power redundancy
  • The relay output function will trigger an alarm
  • Ring redundancy provides a back-up path in an event that any part of a network is disrupted
  • ?Ethernet Direct's X-Ring is designed for mission critical Industrial networks and can deactivate one of the links in the ring to data traffic while simultaneously monitoring that the link is functioning
  • In case one of the links in the ring fails, the deactivated link is ?activated? in less than 300 milliseconds
  • Network node redundancy adds reliability by allowing a device to be connected to the Ethernet network by having two independent connection points ? one as operating connection and the other as back-up connection
  • Entire system redundancy is only reliable only when multi levels of redundancies can be achieved
  • It minimizes data loss by providing fast recovery time in case of unexpected network disruption
  • Compatible with the most popular Network Management software, IntraVUE

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