Anaren Bluetooth Smart Development Kit


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Anaren's Bluetooth Smart Development kit (A20737A-MSDK1) and innovative Anaren Atmosphere online development tool are designed to create all the embedded code and target mobile device applications needed to wirelessly connect and communicate to an embedded Anaren Bluetooth® Smart module. It features the A20737A AIR for WICED module, which uses Broadcom’s BCM20737 chip. The A20737A AIR module is Globally certified*, and is Bluetooth SIG qualified.
Anaren Bluetooth Smart Development Kit


  • Incorporates Broadcom’s BCM20737 SoC
  • Tiny 11x13x2.5 mm footprint of the A20737A AIR for WICED module
  • Pre-certified to FCC/IC and ETSI compliant
  • Low power consumption
  • Works in conjunction with Anaren’s exclusive, online Anaren Atmosphere development tool --generates and loads the embedded code on the Multi-Sensor Development Board, and creates an app that can be loaded onto a Bluetooth Smart mobile device

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