Cavium Networks

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XPliant® CNX880xx family of Ethernet switches provide unprecedented flexibility in protocol processing without compromising speed. XPliant Packet Architecture (XPA™) allows programming of every element of switch packet processing. Cavium / XPliant provides a complete set of networking protocols with the switch. However, as new protocols are required, the switch can be updated by software to add support for these new protocols, including changes to parsing, lookups, traffic scheduling, packet modification, scheduling, and traffic monitoring.


  • 3.2 Terabits per second capacity
  • 128 field proven 25G SERDES
  • Support of 25G Ethernet Consortium specification
  • Integrated, configurable traffic management
  • Configurable, flexible multipurpose counters
  • Virtual interfaces based architecture
  • Best in class table capacity
  • Cost-effective support of 40G and 100G

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