single board computer OK335xD-I

Forlinx Embedded Technology

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Forlinx released a new item named SBC OK335xD-I. I stands for industrial standard. It is with industrial operating temp and some other industrial protections process on base board. This item is also based on TI AM335s processor as well as the commercial standard SBC OK335xD-C. All software information shares with the commercial one. What's more, the Nand Flash of both the industrial one and the industrial one could be upgraded to 1G. Here I'd like to share the details with all of you.
single board computer OK335xD-I


  • based on TI AM335x processor
  • industrial standard
  • Nand Flash up to 1G
  • WinCE7.0
  • CE&FCC
  • after-sale technical support

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