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The Industrial Application Server is the core application development and supervisory control platform based on the ArchestrA framework. It provides a unified environment for visualization, plant history, device communications and automation application integration.


  • Industrial Application Server 2.1 provides new features that enable application developers, system integrators and IT professionals to build powerful supervisory HMI, SCADA and production and performance management solutions that offer savings of up to 70 percent in total lifecycle costs. It also includes multiple engineering productivity enhancements including a new user-defined object template, advanced alarm filtering capabilities and an intuitive history-browsing environment. The Industrial Application Server enables significant reductions in the cost of designing, building, deploying and maintaining industrial software applications. The embedded ArchestrA software architecture reduces total cost of ownership by providing a single, comprehensive toolkit for the entire range of plant automation and information application requirements along with the ability to rapidly reuse and deploy best engineering practices.
  • Version 2.1 of Wonderware's Industrial Application Server also provides capabilities for managing groups of InTouch visualization nodes, both in development and in run-time. The consolidation of alarm definitions and alarm detection further simplifies the development and maintenance of system-wide alarms and operator notifications
  • Industrial Application Server 2.1 combines the flexibility and power of a peer-to-peer architecture with the ability to make global changes behind the scenes. Benefits include powerful reuse of application engineering from plant to plant, the freedom to develop distributed applications without redesign, and the ability to easily manage expansion, system changes and ongoing maintenance.

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