uEnergy Starter Development Kit


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The CSR µEnergy Starter Development Kit provides a complete set of tools for the rapid development of products based on the CSR µEnergy IC products. Application development is enabled by the CSR µEnergy Software Development Kit which provides full stack support with GATT level interface, example applications and profiles.
uEnergy Starter Development Kit
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  • Target board based on the CSR uEnergy CSR1010 IC, USB programming interface and interfaces for breaking out I/O to application-specific sensors and actuator
  • CSR xIDE software development environment
  • Example applications for popular Bluetooth Smart profiles
  • Example host applications for iOS and Android platforms
  • Datasheets for CSR µEnergy ICs
  • Hardware design guidelines, manufacturing packs for module reference designs
  • Production test and configuration tools
  • The Starter Dev Kit contains the following components: Target board, Mini-USB cable to connect to Host PC USB port, Printed Setup Guide, Quick Start Guide (PDF), CSR µEnergy Starter Dev Kit CD-ROM
  • The Starter Kit enables software developemntfor the following CSR µEnergy ICs: CSR1010, CSR1011, CSR1012

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