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Hardware and real-time programming on Windows XP(e)/2000 using the powerful VxWorks operating system


  • Multitasking, intertask communication
  • Connectivity: TCP/IP
  • Optional products available, e.g. web server, Java VM, VxDCOM
  • Programming languages: C, C++, C#,Visual Basic
  • Guaranteed response time within microseconds
  • High resolution real-time timer,granularity 0.8 microseconds
  • Hardware access to ISA and PCI plug in boards
  • Communication between Windows and VxWorks via TCP/IP (virtual network)
  • VxWorks continues working after Windows Blue Screen
  • A great variety of software and drivers for VxWorks are available on the market, e.g. OPC server, drivers for field bus, measurement hardware, and many more
  • Powerful, graphical real-time analysis tools (WindView, StethoScope)
  • Comprehensive documentation (HTML, newsgroup)

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