VPMX Virtual Platform

Virtio Corporation

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VPMX Virtual Platform, modeling the Freescale i.MX and i.MXL application development system, models the ARM920T processor and all the peripherals as well as the entire user interface including the touch-screen, stylus, and terminals
VPMX Virtual Platform


  • Runs actual Freescale i.MX1 and i.MXL targeted binaries
  • Interfaces to RDI compatible debuggers (including Metrowerks CodeWarrior for ARM, ARM ADS, and Palm OS Debugger)
  • Integrates with software development tools of choice: including Microsoft's Platform Builder and eMbedded Visual Tools, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, ADS, and more
  • Provides high level of system visibility and control, through breakpointing and single-stepping inside peripheral hardware models
  • Includes real-world connections such as serial and network connections
  • Provides high level of system visibility by allowing system registers and variables inside peripheral hardware models to be viewed
  • Provides low-level execution control and visibility into the CPU and the peripheral components
  • Customize the VPMX Virtual Platform with custom peripherals and skins using the Virtio PDK, allowing you to create a virtual platform for any Freescale i.MX1/i.MXL device
  • VPMX Virtual Platform provides for executing application software on top of the virtual hardware at speeds sufficient for developers to boot OS's like Microsoft Windows CE, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and embedded Linux in seconds

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