GS1011MIxS and GS1011MExS

GainSpan Corporation

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The GS1011MIxS and GS1011MExS are two of the smallest Wi-Fi modules on the market. At just 19.4 mm x 28.7 mm, the modules provide a significant reduction in footprint and offer an easy to integrate, compact and cost-effective solution for an explosion of emerging Internet of Things applications. While small, the modules are complete 802.11b low power consumption Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. The GS1011MIxS provides low power Wi-Fi connectivity with +9dBm of transmit output power, while the GS1011MExS is an extended range solution offering transmit power of +18dBm.
GS1011MIxS and GS1011MExS
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  • small footprint--some of smallest on market
  • low cost
  • cost-effective
  • easily to integrate
  • low power Wi-Fi connectivity solutions
  • ideal for Internet of Things applications
  • GS1011MExSoffers transmit power of +18dBm.
  • modules offer minimal use of host resources
  • have UART and SPI interfaces to connect to any 8-32 bit MCU
  • pre-certified
  • built-in trace or external antenna

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