Eclipse TDE


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A Test Development Environment for 1149.1-based PCB and system configuration and test suites


  • Accepts industry standard data, EDIF 2 0 0, IEEE 1149.1 BSDL files as well as device configuration formats from all programmable semiconductor vendors
  • Schematic Logic Probe (SLP) virtual debug environment
  • Scan Path Integrity Test
  • Auto validation of test logic
  • Board Interconnect Test (BIT)
  • PCB ATPG, Boundary-Scan Intelligent Diagnostics (BSID)
  • Advance diagnostics, Automated Memory Interconnect Test
  • Algorithm test generation
  • Visual Fault Analyzer (VFA)displays the actual locations of manufacturing defects on a graphical image of a PCB
  • In-System FLASH and FPGA/CPLD programming/configuration
  • Timing Diagram Analyzer logic analyzer for 1149.1
  • Eclipse Scripting Languageautomates test and debug process without C++ code
  • GPIB IEEE-488 Software API to control lab instruments
  • PinFault Diagnosticslists the device name and pin where the failure was observed
  • Optional CircuitMergeautomatically creates a single netlist for systems, boards,and MCM
  • Virtual Component Cluster Test (VCCT)interconnect test generation for non-scan devices

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