Test and Measurement Systems (TAMS)

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  • A PCI-to-VXI interface
  • Allows high-speed control of a VXI chassis from a PCI HP-UX workstation
  • Native support for Agilent I/O libraries(SICL and VISA)
  • Interface from HP-UX workstation to VXI chassis
  • VXI slot 0 controller
  • VXI resource manager
  • Word serial communication
  • Register-based communication
  • Direct trigger and interrupt control
  • Direct access to VXI memory space
  • 2 Mbytes onboard shared memory
  • A16, A24, A32 support
  • Software compatible with the HP E1489 MXI controller and V743 (E1497) embedded controller
  • Can control multiple cages through the use of MXI-2 cards

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