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The newest version of DSP Workshop, an integrated software environment comprised of MATLAB, Simulink, DSP Blockset, and Signal Processing Toolbox


  • The new DSP Workshop architecture provides DSP and communications engineers with a single, integrated programming and visual environment from the conceptual algorithm stage through system simulation, prototyping and implementation of real-time DSP software applications
  • Fundamental architectural improvements provide faster simulations
  • Engineers who use frame-based algorithms in speech and audio applications, will typically see simulation speeds 10 times faster than the previous version of Simulink
  • DSP Blockset 3 now supports linear algebra, spectral estimations, multi-rate filters and filter banks, and an expanded set of fundamental computational and control operations
  • The graphical user interface now supports improved visualization of filter designs, including an interactive pole-zero editor
  • A filter realization wizard, automatically generates efficient block diagram filter structures from user specifications, and supports fixed-point FIR filters with word lengths up to 128 bits
  • Taken together, these tools remove much of the guesswork in the design and implementation of digital filters

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