Workshop Sponsored By Leti, Taipei Computer Association And Semi Taiwan To Cover Recent Tech Advances And Future Outlook


Oct. 3 Event Features Leti Experts on MEMS, IoT Communication Solutions,

Smart Lighting and Display Applications, and System Reliability & Security

GRENOBLE, France and TAIPEI, Taiwan – Sept. 26, 2016 – Leti, an institute of CEA Tech, the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) and SEMI Taiwan will host a workshop “Imagine your future with Leti” from 9 a.m. to noon on Monday, Oct. 3, with a focus on some of Leti’s latest developments in micro- and nanotechnologies and its vision of how these technologies will impact industry in the future.

The workshop for invited guests at the Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei Taiwan will feature a keynote presentation by Leti’s CEO, Marie Semeria, titled: “Leti, an IT & electronics technology innovation enabler for the future of industry”. Other presentation topics include:

• New opportunities in connected health, Susana Bonnetier, program coordinator, Leti

• Overview of Leti’s MEMS R&D activities, Julien Arcamone, MEMS business development manager, Leti

• An innovative solution based on MEMS for structural health monitoring, Alexandre Paleologue, Morphosense co-founder & CEO

• Smart-lighting and display applications, Ivan-Christophe Robin, strategic program manager, Leti

• Anticipating new trends in communication systems for IoT applications, Laurent Hérault, vice president Europe, Leti

• System reliability & security in a connected world, Alain Merle, strategic program manager, Leti

Discussions, networking and cocktails will follow the presentations at the workshop, which is also supported by the French Office in Taipei.

Leti is recognized as a global research pioneer in silicon materials, semiconductor technologies, photonics, sensing and imaging as well as communication and power. It has developed a strong and innovative technology portfolio to address the increasing need for energy-saving smart systems in fields such as automotive, advanced manufacturing, security, biology & health and smart cities.

“Taiwan is a global leader in design and manufacturing of microelectronic products ranging from ICs to MEMS, LEDs and displays,” Semeria said. “Leti’s expertise in these and related fields strongly complements Taiwan’s, and this workshop is designed to continue our discussions with Taiwanese partners about how we can work together to enable the innovative solutions that will help drive industry in the future.”

“There is no doubt that the ICT industry is transforming rapidly. It was the era of PCs, then mobile and now IoT. And IoT is something that you can merely predict its limits. Grenoble, France, as a great model of smart city, has been demonstrating its IoT applications through its advanced development in city sustainability and management of waste, energy, and traffic. If Taiwan takes advantage of its capability of cost-effective engineering and commercializing, collaborating with France will definitely create a win-win situation. It also will effectively promote the IoT globalization and enhance the development of the global economy,” said Zhang Li, deputy secretary general of Taipei Computer Association (TCA).

“The hype around IoT still continues and creates a wide range of opportunities, which not only have created interdisciplinary collaboration and diverse peripheral applications, but also have boosted the trend of Smart.” said Terry Tsao, President of SEMI Taiwan. “The major force behind this wave of IoT comes from critical technologies of electronics, plus the development of key components and the ability to offer customized services. SEMI is proud to partner with Leti in hosting this workshop that combines the strength of France in research and analysis with that of Taiwan in design and manufacturing. Through sharing and discussion, it is hoped that both sides can find a way to complement each other, while stimulating more innovation and opportunities for collaboration.”

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About Leti (France)

As one of three advanced-research institutes within the CEA Technological Research Division, Leti serves as a bridge between basic research and production of micro- and nanotechnologies that improve the lives of people around the world. It is committed to creating innovation and transferring it to industry. Backed by its portfolio of 2,800 patents, Leti partners with large industrials, SMEs and startups to tailor advanced solutions that strengthen their competitive positions. It has launched 59 startups. Its 8,500m² of new-generation cleanroom space feature 200mm and 300mm wafer processing of micro and nano solutions for applications ranging from space to smart devices. With a staff of more than 1,900, Leti is based in Grenoble, France, and has offices in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Tokyo. Follow us on and @CEA_Leti.

About Taipei Computer Association (Taiwan)

Taipei Computer Association (TCA), established in 1974, is the leading industrial organization in Taiwan. Its 4,000 members engages various fields such as software, hardware, semiconductors and components, manufacture, sales, network communication service, etc., thereby generating over 80% of the total production value of Taiwan’s Information Communication Technology (ICT). TCA offices are located in Taipei, while overseas offices are in Suzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and Fuzhou, China; in Tokyo, Japan; India; Myanmar. TCA offers its members the following services: lobbying, e-learning, domestic / overseas exhibitions, industry related information, skill training etc. In pursuing growth of the ICT industry, TCA, in collaboration with member companies and government, addresses issues concerning minority groups and the reduction of the digital divide between urban and rural areas, realizing the vision for Taiwan to become an island where technologies are truly applied.COMPUTEX TAIPEI, organized by TCA, is the largest ICT exhibition in Asia and the most significant ICT procurement platform in the world. Each June, the exhibition generates business opportunities to the value of over US$ 20 billion. To stimulate further potential growth, TCA is actively involved with activities such as: developing the wireless broadband and cloud computing sectors, assisting manufactures to migrate back to Taiwan, and supporting the Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to explore China and other developing markets, as well as participating in industry improvement projects to uplift Taiwanese manufactures to a higher standard. Looking into the future, TCA is progressing towards internationalization and professionalism to service its members with the highest level of enthusiasm. By doing so, TCA understands its vision is to become “the driving force of Taiwan’s ICT industry” and a “world-class industrial association”

About SEMI

SEMI® connects more than 2,000 member companies and more than a quarter-million professionals worldwide to advance the science and business of electronics manufacturing. SEMI members are responsible for the innovations in materials, design, equipment, software, and services that enable smarter, faster, more powerful, and more affordable electronic products. Since 1970, SEMI has built connections that have helped its members grow, create new markets, and address common industry challenges together. SEMI maintains offices in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Grenoble, Hsinchu, Moscow, San Jose, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C. For more information about SEMI, please visit

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