Transparent Displays are now HUGE

CDS, Europe’s largest specialist supplier of Transparent Displays has just announced it has launched the World’s largest Transparent Display at an amazing 98” diagonal.

CDS was the first to launch the already huge 84” UHD 4K Transparent display 2 years ago and has now pushed the envelope even further with this latest release.

The 98” is the highest quality display resulting in an amazing 4K UHD display which has a high colour gamut, ultra-wide viewing angles and high transparency resulting in an excellent Transparent display that will create the WOW factor in any application.

CDS Managing Director Chris Bartram commented, “This recent development was due to the demand of some of our key customers that had enjoyed the benefit of our state of the Art 84” (which is still available) but wanted us to help them take this to the next level, which we have delivered. The whole team is excited about this development and although aimed at high end applications and showcases, any brand will create a massive differentiation when they utilise the largest Transparent TFT LCD available in the world!”.

You will see the 98” on public show in an amazing application very soon but if you want to see the also very impressive 84” in action please go to:[...]

CDS also have a huge range of different sized transparent LCD displays from 5.7”, but the latest 98” transparent LCD display is set to be a show stopper, opening many new opportunities for larger display requirements for customers.

Have a project for which you feel this larger than life transparent display could be the solution? Contact the CDS team.

For more information on these products including pricing and a data sheet please contact CDS via email or call our main office on +44 (0)1634 327 420.