TRACE32 now supports FAMOS RTOS for Fujitsu HDTV Decoder Chipsets

Lauterbach announced that its TRACE32 debuggers support the Real-Time Operating System FAMOS1) of Fujitsu Microelectronics. FAMOS was developed specifically for the ARM11 based HDTV decoder chipsets of the series MB86H6x for set top boxes. The FAMOS awareness is integrated immediately in all new TRACE32 software versions for the ARM architecture. 1) FAMOS: Fujitsu Advanced MPEG Operating System. Proprietary operating system for Fujitsu HD multi-standard decoder.

The FAMOS awareness visualizes all OS objects. It provides special windows e.g. for threads, semaphores, mailboxes, etc. If the processor allows a dual ported access to the memory, then these objects can be even displayed non-intrusively, while the application runs in real time. Additionally, TRACE32 allows using thread specific breakpoints. The build-in stack coverage provides a precise measurement of the maximum stack usage.

Using the recordings of the TRACE32 real-time trace, thread switches can be evaluated and graphically displayed. This allows analyzing thread run times and function run times in a sophisticated performance analysis. Statistical tables report about the precise usage of the system.

A dynamic performance analysis of the threads is even possible without a real-time trace. TRACE32 detects periodically, which thread is running and creates a graphic about the percental usage of the target system.

New menus dedicated to the FAMOS awareness give an easy access to the extended features.

FAMOS and the appropriate awareness will also run inside the TRACE32 instruction set simulator, which is freely available on the Lauterbach home page. The TRACE32 simulators therefore are suitable for early prototyping of a FAMOS application, even if hardware is not yet available.

All features that the TRACE32 debugger provides for FAMOS require no changes of the application or the kernel at all, like patches, hooks or additional instrumentation of the code. It’s the philosophy of the TRACE32 debugger to work with exactly the same application, that later runs in your product. Only this guarantees the testing and faultless run of the original application.

About TRACE32

Lauterbach is the leading manufacturer of complete, modular microprocessor development tools ranging from In Circuit Emulators and Logic Analyzers for system integration to debuggers and simulators for software applications. The TRACE32 tool family was developed to allow a fast and effective testing of an embedded system. Even complex analysis is available in very short time. The fast host interface and a system dedicated to high speed CPUs guarantee a fast debugging and evaluating of traces.

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