The BroadWeigh Wireless Load Monitoring System Finds Success in Australia

Wireless Load Monitoring
Wireless Load Monitoring
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Wireless Load Shackles

UK based Mantracourt is celebrating the sales of its BroadWeigh™ wireless load monitoring systems into the Australian stage and entertainment sector.

With the technical and sales support of Botany based The Rigging Shop, Mantracourt have sold a number of BroadWeigh™ systems that are now being used for concert halls, touring companies and stage shows. The BroadWeigh™ system provides essential measurements of force and thereby helps operatives avoid overload of design parameters.

The Rigging Shop sells many products aimed at the entertainment rigging industry and also supplies similar equipment to other industrial and commercial industries. The Rigging Shop was appointed as BroadWeigh’s Australian Technical Partner early in 2014 and has experienced a lot of interest in this product range.

“We are delighted with the sales and support effort provided by the team at The Rigging Shop,” said Kelly Voysey, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. “Key to our brand is industry knowledge and experience, as we strive to provide a high level of customer service. In this respect, The Rigging Shop has been an excellent choice of Technical Partner to represent BroadWeigh in this region.”

The BroadWeigh portable wireless system offers real-time, simple, effective and accurate load monitoring for rigging professionals, safety officials and site managers enabling them to monitor and log the precise loads on any given rigging point.

Central to the design of the BroadWeigh system are Crosby shackles equipped with a high accuracy, wireless load pin that reports data remotely to a computer or a handheld display. The system is able to monitor multiple load cells and can trigger an alarm should a load exceed a preset parameter.

“We are delighted to be partnering with such an innovative company as Mantracourt, in marketing the BroadWeigh system in our region,” said Mike Stephenson at The Rigging Shop. “The Broadweigh system is already making a name for itself in the Australian entertainment industry where load monitoring is becoming increasingly necessary.”

The BroadWeigh system is increasingly being seen as a cost effective solution for entertainment venues, touring companies and production suppliers, to provide essential measurements of force helping operatives eliminate overload risks. The BroadWeigh system has been developed in conjunction with entertainment industry professionals for real world work environments.

About BroadWeigh

Designed to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, BroadWeigh provides high accuracy static and peak loads in real time.

BroadWeigh is designed and manufactured by Mantracourt Electronics, a world leader in the application of high precision microelectronics to many sectors of industrial measurement in fields such as aerospace, Formula 1 racing, construction and much more.

As a key technology provider to leading OEM’s for over 40 years, Mantracourt pride themselves on exceptional reliability, quality and support. Their load pins are manufactured from high tensile stainless steel with a rotating bobbin which centralises the load and minimises any point load effects. The market leading Crosby shackle completes the package to supply an exceptional wireless load monitoring solution for rigging professionals.

BroadWeigh is one of the few wireless products of this type on the market which incorporates a high accuracy load pin with this unique low trim loss design. The system is fast and simple to use and offers an expandable format to suit individual requirements, simply by adding or subtracting wireless shackles or other acquisition devices. The BroadWeigh receivers are also interchangeable and not dedicated to specific load cells.

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