SQUIGGLE micro motor lifetime spec increased to >1 million cycles

"World's smallest linear motor" designed for long life, low power use in miniature OEM products

Victor, NY – November 18, 2008 – New Scale Technologies (www.newscaletech.com) has increased the lifetime specification for its SQL-1.8 SQUIGGLE motor to greater than 1 million cycles following extensive product life testing, the company announced today. This specification is significant for OEMs integrating the tiny piezoelectric motor into miniature products such as phone cameras, medical devices, tiny optical systems, micro-robotic instruments, and electronic locks.

At only 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 mm, the SQL-1.8 piezoelectric micro motor is half the size of other piezo motors or micro motors. It also offers greater power efficiency, higher reliability, and ten times better precision than electromagnetic motors. The new lifetime specification is based on continuous operation at room temperature with ~10 gram force load at full speed of >7 mm/sec. For more complete specifications visit www.newscaletech.com/motorsforoem.html

Evaluation Packs, Pricing and Availability

SQL-1.8 SQUIGGLE motor evaluation packs including motor, controller, software and cables are $650 and available from stock at the company's online store shop.newscaletech.com. OEM pricing is as low as a few dollars per motor in high volumes; contact the factory for OEM pricing.

About New Scale Technologies

New Scale Technologies (www.newscaletech.com) creates disruptively small motion systems based on our patented piezoelectric SQUIGGLE® motor, the world’s smallest linear motor, and TRACKER™ position sensor. The ultrasonic SQUIGGLE motor is smaller, more precise, less expensive, more robust and more power-efficient than other micro motors. The TRACKER position sensor integrates a magnetic sensor with on-chip digital encoder, for smaller size and higher resolution than miniature optical encoders. We create complete motion systems integrating motor and sensor technology with supporting electronics (ASICs) developed with our partner austriamicrosystems (www.austriamicrosystems.com).

New Scale’s micro motors, encoders and micro-actuator modules enable design engineers to create smaller products including mobile phone cameras, electronic locks and intelligent fasteners, nano-scale fluid control including lab-on-a-chip systems, medical devices including miniature drug pumps and endoscopes, optics and imaging systems, automotive modules, lasers, aerospace and defense systems, cryogenic and MRI-compatible instruments, and consumer electronics including micro fuel cells.