Sensoray Highlights Model 2224 HD/SD-SDI Audio/Video Encoder

Board offers high quality encoding in a small form factor, ideal for video capturing/processing

Model 2224 HD/SD audio/video H.264 encoder
Model 2224 HD/SD audio/video H.264 encoder

Tigard, OR – Sensoray announces the availability of its Model 2224 HD/SD audio/video H.264 encoder. The encoder’s single SDI input supports a wide range of video resolutions, including 1080p, 1080i, 720p and NTSC/PAL. The Model 2224, which features a USB 2.0 connection to its host CPU, offers excellent quality encoding in a convenient small form factor.

The Model 2224 encoder outputs H.264 High Profile Level 4 for HD and Main Profile Level 3 for SD, multiplexed in MPEG-TS (transport stream) format. The board's versatile overlay generators, integral HD/SD raw frame grabber, and live preview stream make it ideally suited for a wide range of video processing applications, including High Profile DVRs, NVRs and stream servers.

This flexible encoder is Blu-Ray compatible and allows for full screen 16-bit color text/graphics overlay with transparency. Any true-type font can be displayed; graphics can be displayed from standard BMP files or generated by Sensoray's 2224 API, which allows graphics to be easily and quickly placed and moved anywhere on the screen. Additionally, the board can send an uncompressed, down-scaled video stream over USB, offering users low-latency live video previewing on the host computer with minimal CPU usage.

The Model 2224 can source audio from embedded SDI audio, external line input, or optional on-board microphone preamplifier, and output audio in either stereo or mono to the encoded stream. The board employs special hardware and advanced techniques to keep audio synchronized to video and eliminate the lip sync errors that plague many software-based solutions.

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