SD1-SATA CompactPCI(r) Serial Storage Card From EKF Systems

SD1 Backplane
SD1 Backplane

SD1-SATA CompactPCI® Serial Storage Card Document No. 5744 • 11 May 2010 --

The SD1-SATA is a peripheral slot card for CompactPCI® Serial systems. The SD1-SATA accommodates either a 2.5-inch size SATA

SSD/HDD, or a Micro SATA 1.8-inch drive, the latter alternatively fixed on-board, or removable

through a front panel slot. In addition, the

SD1-SATA can be equipped with an USB Solid State Drive module, or USB stick.

With two or more SD1-SATA boards in a system, a RAID storage system easily can be

configured. Front panel LEDs are provided to indicate status information such as ready/busy,

and error/rebuild. Hot swap operation is

supported. When combined with the SJ1-JAM CompactPCI® Serial system slot controller, RAID

levels 0/1/3/5/10 are available.

The SD1-SATA is a CompactPCI® Serial card. CompactPCI® Serial is a new PICMG® standard (draft as of current) for modular industrial computers, which provides high speed serial I/O (PCI Express®, SATA, USB, Gigabit Ethernet) over the backplane. The mechanical design is fully backward compatible to CompactPCI® and will interoperate with existing systems, via hybrid backplanes.

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