Saelig Introduces Two LED-Warrior DALI Master Modules

DALI-interface modules provide easy entry into DALI lighting architecture, converting standard switches into DALI devices

LED-Warrior09 DALI board
LED-Warrior09 DALI board

Saelig Company Inc. ( has announced the LED-Warrior09-01MOD and the LED-Warrior09-02MOD boards - DALI-Master modules with an I2C interface and two switch inputs. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a building automation bus primarily for lighting control. This non-proprietary interface standard for dimmable electronic products offers greatly improved functionality and greater ease of use over conventional dimming and control methods.

The LED-Warrior09-01MOD board operates from an external 5V power supply, while the LED-Warrior09-02MOD derives its power supply from the DALI-bus.

The LED-Warrior09-01MOD is galvanically isolated from the DALI bus and can therefore be easily deployed as a bridge between two networks. It may be used as an I2C to DALI bridge, providing an interface to house bus controllers, single board computers, or other equipment, sending lighting control commands to a DALI bus.

The LED-Warrior09-02MOD is intended to connect simple switches and buttons to the DALI bus, or as a standalone device. The functionality of the switch inputs can be configured via the I2C-interface. Powered from the DALI bus, this version can supply up to 15mA at 5V to external circuits. It can turn conventional switches into DALI switches, or it can be combined with an RF module to function as a wireless to DALI bridge.

Applications in LED lighting control include dimming, switching, and recalling of preset light settings. Individual addresses, groups, or all connected equipment can be controlled on the DALI bus. All these functions can be programmed on the inputs, enabling a single button that dims a single luminaire, a group, or everything on the bus.

The LED-Warrior09 is also available as a DIL8 or SOIC8 integrated circuit.

These LED-Warrior DALI modules and ICs are designed by Code Mercenaries, a leading European supplier of industrial input devices and peripherals since 1998. Their design philosophy for LED lighting drivers is to deliver maximum efficiency and maximum life cycle to enable the potential of modern LED technology. All LED-Warrior09 versions are available now from their USA distributor Saelig Company, Inc. For detailed specifications, or technical assistance, please contact Saelig at 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit