Reduced Development Time of Software to Influence the Embedded Systems Market Considerably

Despite the turbulence in the embedded systems industry, it does not fail to deliver technologically advanced products and drive innovation. Its applications are growing in virtually every industry as new technologies experience disruptive advances. The trend is moving toward secured systems that offer high performance and take less development time. Though this seems to be a challenge, manufacturers are taking necessary steps to hit the roof with their vision.

Many applications including Radar, Sonar, motion detection, database queries, and video stabilization can be benefited from GPGPU technology. This technology manages high data throughput and offers efficient computing operations. Development time is reduced with combined performance of the graphic processor unit (GPU) with CPU. GPU offers benefits such as precision, programmability, and increased speed. Parallel architecture of GPU is able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, thus it increases computational speed. This technology is now implemented in the embedded systems industry and provides high performance.

Reduction in development time of a product would benefit not only the embedded systems industry but also other industries dependent on it. So, Blackberry launched a new specialized program, Value-Added Integrator (VAI), to build a network of experts worldwide. These experts are trained on Certicom and BlackBerry QNX technologies through this program. It will help partners to develop secure & mission-critical solutions and provide integrated services.

“The explosion of unsecured Internet of Things devices and embedded systems has presented a tremendous opportunity for security and software solutions. As such, we are experiencing strong demand for BlackBerry QNX embedded software and Certicom Elliptical Curve Cryptography-based security solutions,” said John Wall, senior vice president and head of BlackBerry QNX.

The introduction of this program would help Blackberry to expand their distribution channels and widen their reach into unexplored markets. There are various technologies including BlackBerry’s QNX Neutrino Realtime OS, QNX Momentics Tool Suite, Certicom Toolkits, Certicom Asset Management System, and others for which the program would provide support. There are various applications such as medical surgical robots, automotive systems, train control systems, smart grids, and . The innovative programs to reduce development time help partners to bring their products into the market in less time and make their mark in the global industry. So, organizations including ArcherMind Technology, Mcloudware, and Micon Global have adopted this program.

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