PrismTech Continues Webcast Series Focused on High-End Middleware Solutions

Upcoming webcasts provide insights into the latest middleware technologies, future trends, performance gains, and integration solutions

Boston, MA, USA – 19 March, 2008 — PrismTech™, a leader in high-performance middleware and development tools, continues its series of webcasts in March and April focused on high-end middleware solutions. The webcasts are free and intended for managers, architects, and technologists responsible for data-centric applications and/or the distributed systems they run on.

The company will present “Shaping the Future of Messaging Middleware Technologies: Object Oriented Publish/Subscribe” webcast on March 27. Messaging middleware usage continues to gain momentum within application domains such as aerospace, defense, transportation, telecommunications, utilities and financial trading. The webcast will provide insight into new high performance messaging middleware, versus traditional messaging middleware, for its effectiveness in supporting these loosely coupled and event driven architectures, as well as its ability to support one-to-many and many-to-many interactions.

Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D., OpenSplice™ DDS product marketing manager at PrismTech, will lead the presentation. He is co-chair of the Object Management Group™ (OMG™) Data Distribution Services (DDS) Special Interest Group and the Real-Time Embedded and Specialized Services Task Force. For more information and to register, visit:

“Using Ultra-efficient Middleware to Simplify the Integration of Real-time Embedded Systems” webcast will be presented on April 10. Real-time and embedded systems domains such as automotive, avionics, consumer electronics, software defined radio, robotics, test equipment, industrial control, and gaming often rely on the performance attributes that only a CORBA®-based middleware implementation can provide. The webcast will provide insights into the significant technical and commercial benefits of using a high performance CORBA-based middleware solution to address integration problems within real-time embedded systems that have traditionally been addressed by developing custom interfaces and proprietary solutions.

Doug Schmidt, Ph.D., chief technology officer at PrismTech, will lead the presentation. He is an internationally renowned and widely cited expert on distributed computing middleware, object-oriented patterns and frameworks. For more information and to register, visit:

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About PrismTech

PrismTech is an acknowledged leader in advanced software integration solutions. The company develops, markets, and supports a wide range of standards-compliant, high-performance middleware products whose quality-of-service (QoS) properties significantly exceed those offered by conventional middleware. PrismTech also offers developer productivity tools and a comprehensive range of professional services. PrismTechs differentiators are most highly valued in markets where business-critical and mission-critical systems require high-performance middleware. These systems are pervasive in a number of vertical markets, such as Telecom, Mil/Aero, Finance, Utilities, Transportation, and Homeland Security, and range from Net-centric OSS to Software-Defined Radio. PrismTechs customers constitute an impressive list of major systems integrators, OEMs, and ISVs, including many Fortune Global 500 companies. PrismTech was founded in 1992 and is a privately-held group with US operations based in Boston, MA and Saddle Brook, NJ, and European operations in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and France. For additional information about PrismTech, visit the web site at

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