PrismTech Introduces Vortex Lite Delivering Low Latency, Real-Time Data-Sharing for Resource Constrained Internet of Things Devices

With the addition of Vortex Lite, PrismTech now offers the most comprehensive intelligent data-sharing platform solution for IoT systems

Boston, MA, USA – PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced the general availability of Vortex™ Lite, a new and major component of its Vortex intelligent data-sharing platform. Vortex Lite targets low latency resource constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices and is well suited for use with networked sensors, single board computers, embedded gateways and micro-controllers.

With the addition of Vortex Lite, PrismTech now offers the most comprehensive intelligent data-sharing platform solution for IoT systems. Other components in the Vortex family include Vortex OpenSplice™ for corporate systems, Vortex Café for mobile phones and tablets, Vortex Web for browsers, Vortex Cloud for cloud services, and Vortex Gateway for integration with third party network technologies.

Vortex Lite is optimally suited for resource constrained IoT systems requiring ultra low latency communications combined with configurable end-to-end Qualities-of-Service (QoS). In addition, it provides exceptionally low memory footprint, maximum determinism (data urgency / importance based network scheduling), minimal resource consumption with respect to CPU usage, and pluggable architecture modules that enable deployment time configuration of features for optimized memory consumption.

"We developed Vortex Lite to specifically address the demanding requirements of resource constrained IoT devices and to allow us to deliver a complete end-to-end IoT systems and devices solution,” said Steve Jennis, SVP Corporate Development, PrismTech. “The addition of Vortex Lite to the Vortex product line enables all IoT end-point applications to share data in real-time – sensors and embedded machines, mobile employees, smart machines, enterprise and cloud applications, even legacy systems.”

Based on the Object Management Group’s Data Distribution Service (DDS) open standard, Vortex is ideally suited for mission and business critical environments that feature real-time performance with stringent Quality of Service requirements. Commonly known as the Industrial IoT, these environments include transportation, healthcare, smart energy, smart cities, industrial automation and defense.

Vortex Lite is available for free 30-day evaluation from PrismTech’s website at:

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