PragmaDev to provide a free version of its MSC Tracer

PragmaDev MSC Tracer licensing policy covers three situations:

Free version without any license

All features are available but the diagrams can not be saved.

MSCT license

All features are available.

RTDS license

All features are available with an RTDS license -PragmaDev modeling tool based on SDL, SDL-RT, and UML-.

PragmaDev MSC Tracer main features are:

Edit the MSC traces with the included MSC editor.

Generate PNG, PostScript and HTML or copy/paste to word processors for easy documentation.


Visually compare MSC diagrams to check conformance with a specification or non-regression of your system under test.

Easy connection

Connection to the tracer is done through a socket in text mode.

Commands are human readable with a possibility of acknowledgement of each information received.

Integration in your testing or development environment

The tracer can be started graphically or in batch mode and control commands can be received through the socket.

Integration with Real Time Developer Studio

Applications generated by Real Time Developer Studio code generator embed MSC Tracer information allowing to directly trace execution on target live through an IP connection.

Supported platforms

MSC Tracer runs on Windows, Solaris, and Linux platforms.