PragmaDev to assign Sightsys Technologies as its Israeli distributor

PragmaDev has assigned Sightsys as the israeli distributor of Real Time Developer Studio and MSC Tracer, PragmaDev set of tools for the development of real time and embedded software.

Real Time Developer Studio and MSC Tracer are based on standard graphical representations of traditional concepts used in the real time domain without leaving behind legacy code and years of experience. Real Time Developer Studio can generate full application code out of the graphical model embedding RTOS system primitives.The connection with cross-debuggers allows debug on target in the diagrams and at C level, as well as graphical dynamic traces.

Zvika Almog, General Manager of Sightsys, commented: "In the past, for more than 5 years, Sightsys had been involved in supporting and promoting SDL in the Israeli developer's community of the local telecom market. Many developers, who adopted SDL as their main design & simulation technology, were looking for a combination of SDL and UML under the same tools suite for their embedded real-time applications. PragmaDev's SDL-RT fulfills those developers' dreams. I believe that many of the Israeli current SDL users will find it much suitable to their needs, SDL-RT will bring back former SDL users to use SDL again and will attract other people to start using SDL".

"Sightsys has a excellent expertise on SDL technology and Sightsys distributes some of our partner products such as OSE, ThreadX, and CMX. These make Sightsys the best candidate to distribute our product on the Israeli market." said Emmanuel Gaudin CEO for PragmaDev.