Oct-2d-2009 ACTIS Computer re-introduces the PLAN-1200, a Dual Gigabit PCI Mezzanine Card(PMC).

PLAN-1200 -ACTIS Computer Gbit Ethernet Solution
PLAN-1200 -ACTIS Computer Gbit Ethernet Solution

As more users require additional Ethernet ports for their legacy systems, the PLAN-1200 is a perfect combination of performance, small size and affordability.

The PLAN-1200 PMC module is compatible with the PCI revision 2.2 and allows 32/64-bit bus transfer at 33/66 MHz PCI clock. This Dual Gigabit Ethernet PMC is designed with the Intel 82546EB controller. These features allows wire-speed performance through two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The PLAN-1200 Ethernet PHY includes auto-detection and correction of cross, and non-crossed cables. The interface is compatible with IEEE 802.3ab and support 10/100/1000 Mb/s full and half-duplex operation. Wire distance of over 100m can be reached in noisy environment. Two SERDES are included in the chip.

The PLAN-1200 Ethernet MAC provides a flexible configuration interface (dual FIFO up to 64 KB, caches up to 64 packet descriptors in single burst, host memory receive buffers from 256 B to 16 KB and cache line size from 16B to 256B). Software facilities are provided for data flow control using wait cycles and threshold levels.

The PLAN-1200 Ethernet has transmit TCP segmentation IP, TCP and UDP checksum off-loading capabilities on RX and TX to increase throughput and reduce CPU utilization, interrupt moderation controls and advanced packet filtering. Supports of IEEE 802.1Q VLAN mode with VLAN tag insertion, stripping and packet filtering up to 4096 VLAN tags. The PLAN-1200 supports jumbo frame of up to 16KB.

Developpers can take advantage of the PLAN-1200 when running major real-time operationg systems (RTOS) or when deploying applications based on the low-cost, open-source Linux™ operating system. RTOS supported by the PLAN-1200 include VxWorks® and other on request.

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