Next-Generation SENSOFOIL(r) HYBRID membrane potentiometer sets the standard in ultra-flat position sensing

Constructed from PET, FR4 and Kapton materials, the SENSOFOIL(r) Hybrid can be produced in linear, rotary, or customer specific shapes

Peachtree City, GA (April 22, 2010) – Hoffmann + Krippner Inc.’s SENSOFOIL® is an ultra‐thin membrane potentiometer that can be used to replace larger, more expensive mechanical potentiometers in a variety of applications. The newest addition to the SENSOFOIL ® product line is the next‐generation SENSOFOIL® Hybrid (Patent Pending), which utilizes a new technology that is not available from any other company. Unlike existing membrane potentiometers, this technology allows the SENSOFOIL® Hybrid to be used in complete vacuum environments. In addition to their successful operation in this type of environment, they can also be used at temperatures up to 125°C (257°F). Constructed from PET, FR4 and Kapton materials, the SENSOFOIL® Hybrid can be produced in linear, rotary, or customer specific shapes. Whilestandard linearity is around 2%, it can get as low as 1% with PET materials and 0.5% with FR4 and Kapton materials. SENSOFOIL® potentiometers exhibit excellent repeat accuracy and hysteresis. Another advantage of the SENSOFOIL® Hybrid involves the wiper. Typically, standard PET‐based membrane potentiometers are operated with a mechanical wiper that makes contact with the collector foil. When the wiper experiences prolonged periods of standstill at high temperatures, the collector foil can become dented. The SENSOFOIL® Hybrid will allow a delay in these denting effects and in some cases will return the foil back to its original state after the denting occurs.

Hoffmann + Krippner SENSOFOIL® products can be purchased at a very competitive price when compared with other standard mechanical potentiometers that are available.


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