New Scale launches dual piezo motor driver ASIC and development suite for SQUIGGLE micro motor

New NSD-1102 ASIC matches SQL series ultrasonic motor for small size; gives product designers a complete micro motor solution for integration into miniature OEM products

Victor, NY – October 8, 2008 – New Scale Technologies ( today announced availability of the NSD-1102 dedicated piezoelectric motor driver ASIC for its miniature SQUIGGLE micro motors, the worlds smallest linear motors. The NSD-1102 can drive one or two SQL-1.8 SQUIGGLE motors from a single 2.8 to 5.5 VDC supply. System designers can control two micro motors independently using the ASICs standard I²C interface.

The new piezo motor driver is housed in a tiny 4x4mm 16-Pin QFN package. This matches the scale of the SQUIGGLE motor itself, which is 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 mm, facilitating integration into miniature products such as phone cameras, medical devices, tiny optical systems, micro-robotic instruments, and electronic locks. The NSD-1102 driver takes full advantage of the SQUIGGLE motor capabilities including 6 mm travel range, 0.5 micrometer resolution, speeds greater than 7 mm/sec, and stall force of 30 grams force.

The NSD-1102 includes an on-chip DC-DC step-up converter and four half bridge drivers to create pairs of phase-shifted square waves with ultrasonic frequency to drive the SQUIGGLE micro motors. On-chip registers store driver instructions. A power-down mode provides for minimal ASIC power consumption in stand-by, or the power can be turned off entirely and the SQUIGGLE motor will hold its last position. The motor and drive circuit draw 100 mW to 900 mW when moving, depending on motor speed and load.

Development suite includes reference designs, evaluation controllers

The NSD-1102 is also available on the MC-31DB driver, a printed circuit board which includes input/output connectors and all passive components necessary to drive one or two SQUIGGLE motors using the I²C interface. The ASIC and passives occupy a 6 x 9 mm footprint on the board. The MC-31DB can be used for system evaluation, as a reference design, or for integration into OEM systems.

The NSD-1102 is also at the heart of the full-function MC-3100 motor controller, available for users who wish to take advantage of New Scales PC control software and scripting interface for easy evaluation of SQUIGGLE motors in open-loop or closed-loop configuration.

Pricing and availability

Engineering samples of the NSD-1102 ASICs are available now. Contact the factory for samples and for OEM pricing.

The NSD-1102 is available for purchase in single quantity as part of the MC-31DB driver and MC-3100 controller. A complete evaluation kit including an SQL-1.8 motor, MC-3100 controller, software and all connector cables is available now for $650.

About New Scale Technologies

New Scale Technologies ( creates disruptively small motion systems based on our patented piezoelectric SQUIGGLE® motor, the worlds smallest linear motor. This ultrasonic motor is smaller, more precise, less expensive, more robust and more power-efficient than other micro motors. We create complete motion systems integrating SQUIGGLE motor technology with supporting electronics (ASICs) developed in partnership with austriamicrosystems (

New Scales micro motors and micro-actuator modules enable design engineers to create smaller products including mobile phone cameras, electronic locks and intelligent fasteners, nano-scale fluid control including lab-on-a-chip systems, medical devices including miniature drug pumps and endoscopes, optics and imaging systems, automotive modules, lasers, aerospace and defense systems, cryogenic and MRI-compatible instruments, and consumer electronics including micro fuel cells.

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