New drive solutions for SQUIGGLE(r) micro motors add speed control options, dynamic optimization of motor performance over temperature

New Scale Technologies releases next-generation piezo motor drive ASIC along with motor control boards, reference designs and development tools for tiny SQUIGGLE motors

Victor, NY – July 13, 2009 – New Scale Technologies ( today announced availability of its next-generation piezo motor controller ASIC and new motor control reference designs for its miniature SQUIGGLE micro motors, the world’s smallest linear motors. The new NSD-1202 ASIC allows independent velocity control of two SQL-1.8 SQUIGGLE motors. The new MC-3300 and MC-1100 motor controllers / reference designs introduce motor frequency tracking to ensure constant speed and optimal performance of SQL-series SQUIGGLE motors independently of temperature.

NSD-1202 dual piezo motor drive ASIC

The NSD-1202 dual piezo motor drive ASIC supersedes and is backward compatible with the NSD-1102 drive ASIC. It introduces a pulse width modulation (PWM) mode for independent speed control of two SQL-1.8 series SQUIGGLE motors. The 170 KHz modulation frequency produces no audible noise, a key benefit for products such as video cameras. Imaging applications include optical image stabilization with independent motor speed control for the X-Y and tip-tilt axes. Other applications include medical devices such as robotic surgical tools, electronic locks, miniature pumps and endoscopes, aerospace and defense systems and consumer electronics.

Samples are available now. Contact the factory for OEM pricing.

The MC-3300 motor controller and reference design

The MC-3300 motor controller is a full-featured motor controller, reference design and development tool for SQL-1.8 series SQUIGGLE motors. It incorporates the new NSD-1202 drive ASIC, and also introduces dynamic frequency tracking technology to eliminate variation in motor speed and performance with temperature.

With any motor, performance may vary due to ambient temperature changes, self-heating in high duty cycle applications, and motor manufacturing variability. As a resonant motor, the SQUIGGLE motor exhibits peak performance when the frequency of the drive signal matches the resonant frequency of the motor, which will vary with these factors. The new MC-3300 incorporates proprietary technology to track the SQUIGGLE motor’s resonant frequency and dynamically adjust the drive frequency to match. This automatic frequency tracking eliminates the effect of such normal variations.

The MC-3300 ships with the New Scale Pathway™ Software suite, a flexible and sophisticated development tool for motor validation and system development. This PC/Windows-based application platform features an easy-to-use "point and click" graphical user interface. Input tables can be loaded to simulate a variety of real-time input waveforms and evaluate motor response. A powerful script generator allows even non-programmers to create and run automated commands and sequences for almost any motion control task. These scripts can be used for embedded system development for OEM products.

The MC-3300 controls two SQL-1.8 series SQUIGGLE motors in open-loop or closed-loop configuration. It supersedes and is backward compatible with the MC-3100 controller.

A developer’s kit including an SQL-1.8-6-12-SS SQUIGGLE motor, MC-3300 controller, New Scale Pathway Software and all connector cables is available now for $495. Buy online at

The MC-1100 motor controller and reference design

New Scale has also added automatic frequency tracking technology for its larger, higher-force SQL-3.4 Series SQUIGGLE motors. The new MC-1100 motor controller drives one SQL-3.4 series SQUIGGLE motor in open-loop or closed-loop configuration. It ships with the New Scale Pathway Software for motor validation and system development.

The MC-1100 supersedes and is backward compatible with the MC-1000.

A complete evaluation kit including an SQL-3.4-10-30 motor, MC-1100 controller, New Scale Pathway Software, AC power adapter and all connector cables is available now for $550. Buy online at

About New Scale Technologies

New Scale Technologies ( creates disruptively small motion systems based on our patented piezoelectric SQUIGGLE® motor, the world’s smallest linear motor, and TRACKER™ position sensor. The ultrasonic SQUIGGLE motor is smaller, more precise, less expensive, more robust and more power-efficient than other micro motors. The TRACKER position sensor integrates a magnetic sensor with on-chip digital encoder, for smaller size and higher resolution than miniature optical encoders. We create complete motion systems integrating motor and sensor technology with supporting electronics (ASICs) developed with our partner austriamicrosystems.

New Scale’s micro motors, encoders and micro-actuator modules enable design engineers to create smaller products including mobile phone cameras, electronic locks and intelligent fasteners, nano-scale fluid control including lab-on-a-chip systems, medical devices including miniature drug pumps and endoscopes, optics and imaging systems, automotive modules, lasers, aerospace and defense systems, cryogenic and MRI-compatible instruments, and consumer electronics including micro fuel cells.