More Than Thirty Years Old Apple Computer Found By A Man In A Working Condition

John Pfaff who is a New York state-based professor founded more than thirty years old Apple Ile personal computer. Continue Reading to know more.

When it comes to technology, many people would love to see an innovative product, but sometimes a person will feel nostalgic and get happy by looking at old gadgets. Something like this has recently happened with a man who discovered more than 30 years old Apple Ile personal computer. We all know Apple is one of those companies which has given so many good personal computers to the world and Apple IIe was a great computer in the 1980s. Apple IIe is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer which was first introduced in 1983.

John Pfaff who is a New York state-based professor founded this old machinery in his parents’ attic lying around with lots of dust ion it. However, when he tried to turn it on it did without any giving problems. According to John Pfatt, he tried to insert an old gaming disc in it and surprisingly Apple‘s old computer successfully run some early 80s games in it without any problem. Many people now might have a PC which will at least have a 4GB of ram, but this Apple IIe had only 64KB of RAM so one can imagine what kind of things this little machine can handle.

After John Pfatt discovered this old computer working in perfect condition he quickly posted a photo of playing an old game on his twitter account which quite became trending and many people now are talking about this excellent computer. The floppy disk which John Pfatt found contained some games namely “Millionware,” “Neuromancer” and “Olympic Decathlon” which he must’ve enjoyed a lot. Sometimes moments like this make you realize importance of today’s high-end technology since nowadays most of our daily tasks depend upon computers.