Microchip Technology Introduces mTouch Inductive Touch-Sensing Solutions

Robust Touch-Sense Technology Works Through Metal and Gloves; Is Unaffected By Water

CHANDLER, Ariz., Nov. 11, 2008 [NASDAQ: MCHP] — Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, today announced the general availability of the mTouch™ Inductive Touch-Sensing Technology, as an addition to its capacitive touch-sensing solutions. Inductive touch sensing’s fundamental operating principles enable it to work through a front panel such as plastic, stainless steel or aluminum. The technology also works through gloves and on surfaces that contain liquids. With the new technology, Microchip enables designers to integrate inductive touch-sensing functionality with their existing application code in a single standard 8-, 16- or 32-bit PIC® microcontroller (MCU) or 16-bit dsPIC® Digital Signal Controller (DSC), thus reducing total system costs. The technology implementation information is available for download, now, from the Microchip Touch Sensing Design Center at www.microchip.com/mtouch.

Touch sensing continues to gain traction as an alternative to traditional push-button user interfaces, which improves reliability and lowers total system costs. Touch sensing also enables a completely sealed and modern-looking design. Major applications for inductive touch-sensing user interfaces include those in the appliance market because of the possibility of a stainless steel front panel; the industrial market because of the technology’s robustness; and the automotive market because of the technology’s sleek aesthetics and ability to reduce accidental touch triggers.

“Microchip continues to make it easy, inexpensive and royalty-free for engineers to implement touch-sensing interfaces into their designs,” said Steve Drehobl, vice president of Microchip’s Security, Microcontroller and Technology Development Division. “With the addition of inductive touch technology, we now give designers even more flexibility to choose the best touch-sensing technology for their application.”

Implementation details for Microchip’s Inductive Touch-Sensing Solutions are available now, via a free download from Microchip’s Web site at www.microchip.com/mtouch. Items available for download include:

• User’s manual with Quick-Start Guide for building an inductive touch-sensing application

• Application Notes covering hardware and software design practices, with example implementations for inductive touch-sensing solutions, such as:

1. Inductive-Touch Mechanical Design

2. Inductive-Touch Hardware

3. Inductive-Touch Software

• Graphical User Interface software tools for analysis of designs, utilizing Microchip’s PICkit™ Serial Analyzer Development Tool

• Source Code for a variety of sensing routines

• Frequently asked questions

For further information, contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor, or visit Microchip’s Web site at www.microchip.com/mtouch.

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