MagicFit Offers Biggest Discounts For Waist Trainers, Waist Slimmers, Butt Lifters, And More

MagicFit wants you to have that perfect hourglass figure without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out this big discounts and great promos!

Sydney, Australia - Women from all over the world strive hard to reshape their body to have that sexy and curvy hourglass silhouette. Waist Trainers allow women to reshape their body into their ideal body shape without spending too much time at the gym or going on restrictive diets. Innovative shapewear like those made available by MagicFit can cinch a waist in just minutes to give women the shape they desire.

For those who have been dying to give Waist Trainer Australia, but are on a strict budget now have something to look forward to, MagicFit’s big sale! Here are some of our most popular and must try shapewear items that will change your life:

The Body Foundation Essentials - Ultra Waist Slimmer Bodysuit

The one and only ultra waist slimmer bodysuit from The Body Foundation Collection is made with high-tech fat burning seamless material that goes with any outfit. Not only is it a Waist Trainer Australia, it also lifts both the bum and boobs for a sexier and fuller silhouette. Special price drop from $199.95 to just $89.95!

Kim K’s Latex Sports Waist Trainers

Get Kim K’s shape using her latex sports waist cincher available in 5 colours for just $59.95! It is made with 100% cotton to guarantee comfort, even while working out. The fabric is washable and perfect for everyday wear and waist training beginners.

Award-Winning Super Waist Slimmer

This 3-in-1 one piece, award-winning bodysuit does it all for your body. The seamless design flattens the tummy, lifts the bust, and slims the waist with very little effort on your part. Get this waist slimmer today at 60% off from $174.96 to just $69.95. You won’t get a better deal than that!

The Ultimate Curve Creator

Wear this 4-in-1 one piece bodysuit day or night to flatten your tummy, train your waist, lift your boobs, while burning fat using the fat burning magnet stone. You’ll get closer to your dream body for the low price of $179.95.

Ultra Push-Up Waist Slimmer

If you are looking to emphasize your boobs while trimming down a size, this is the product for you. It is a super comfortable, tight, and thin shapewear made with a breathable material, recommended for daily wear, all yours for the discounted price of just $32.95.

Instant Butt Lifter

Create that perfectly round and curved butt in an instant with this MagicFit original product. It is a breathable material best used for everyday wear, no matter the outfit; available for just $29.95!

Mermaid Waist Slimmer Ab Creator

Thanks to the use of the diamond-tech fat burning material, this product helps women create stronger abs with minimal trips to the gyms. Own one today for the low price of $59.95!

Steel Bones White Bridal Corset

Look your best when walking down the aisle with a strong 14 spiral steel boned waist slimming corset that comes with a romantic lace-up back and matching G-string at a discounted price of $59.95.

3-In-One Tone Leggings

Extra tight leggings with a silky finish that comes with its own built-in waist slimmer technology. Look great while exercising thanks to its butt lifting capabilities, yours for only $69.95.

Men’s Tummy Flattening Singlet

Don’t worry men, MagicFit also has a waist slimming and tummy flattening singlet made with high-quality fabric to keep those bulges from popping out. Special price at just $39.95!

Men and women all deserve the best and here at MagicFit, we strive to offer high quality slimming shapewear that will boost your confidence. Visit our website today and avail of the storewide discount and get closer to your desired body shape!