IDS Enable Colour TFT Displays for 8 bit Designs

8 bit colour TFT Display
8 bit colour TFT Display
UK Display Technology Provider
UK Display Technology Provider

Display technology specialists (IDS) have launched a range of UART TFT displays for applications.

With integrated µC logic and memory, as well as a UART interface, IDS's intelligent displays offer a near complete plug-and-play solution, enabling developers to update existing products with colour displays and touch control.

"We can now supply small to medium-sized UART TFT platforms that are integrated with touch screen, driving electronics and backlight ," said Adrian Amor, Director at IDS.

"Many engineers will hesitate when it comes to adding colour to their products because integrating conventional TFTs into existing systems is usually a complex process. With these new platforms an 8051 processor is all the external processing power that is required. Using a UART, RS-232 or USB, engineers can connect to the platform and be up and running within minutes. The modules work with any host operating system, or even without a host OS."

The IDS modules feature a wide input voltage range from 4.6VDC to 26VDC. With a brightness of up to 500cd/m² and resolution ranging from VGA to WVGA, the displays are well suited for a broad range of applications. IDS have designed a complementary UI software tool to enable rapid and simple implementation of a GUI which is then stored within the on-board flash memory.

"Once the developer has installed the drivers for the USB UART to UART Display & the UART Windows software on their PC, they are then ready to start connecting the display (RS232/USB) and uploading images," said Adrian Amor". "The developer can then manipulate specific parts of the screen by overlaying text or images, or even create scrolling effects by shifting regions of the display."

IDS has also developed software that allows developers to test the various functions of the UART display, as well as monitor touch feedback. The integrated fonts and basic character/draw functions, such as text, pixel, line, right angle and circle, permit an attractive GUI to be up and running within a short amount of time. Images or graphics can be stored in 65,000 colours in the internal Display Flash, to be displayed when needed. Data is exchanged between the UART TFT platform and the microcontroller, enabling real time interaction, and animations in high resolution, from a few simple lines of code.

About Intelligent Display Solutions

IDS was established in 2001 by a team of display industry experts. Over time they have built up a great deal of knowledge about both the technical approach and the user interface approach to designing displays using LCD, TFT and OLED technologies for many applications. IDS have helped develop innovative displays, enabling customers to enhance their products, with some even receiving awards for design and application.


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