High Speed Link U Series Modules

Distributed I/O modules

Irvine, CA (September 27, 2007) ADLINK Technology Inc. announces the High Speed Link (HSL) U series of digital input/output slave modules, a compact distributed I/O module with connector options.

Each of these three modules in the HSL U series feature an output current of up to 90 mA/ch and improve on previous designs by encompassing a flat-bottom housing for tight spaces and by offering I/O connector options.

The HSL-DI16DO16-UJ-N/P is an HSL distributed slave module with 16 discrete input channels and 16 discrete output channels. Separate I/O connectors are provided to allow debugging without affecting other I/O channels.

The HSL-DI16DO16-US-N/P is also an HSL distributed slave module with 16 discrete input channels and 16 discrete output channels. However, this model offers shrouded connectors featuring a latch-lock to prevent wires from vibrating loose during machine operation.

The HSL-DI16-UL is an HSL distributed slave module with 16 discrete input channels and a pulse stretcher function. The pulse stretcher, ranging from 1 to 127 ms, helps latch on to fast-switched input signals while maintaining user-defined value states. This feature prevents the loss of input signals, making this module ideal for high UPH machines utilizing distributed solutions.

Pricing and Availability

The HSL U series of modules is currently available. Modules are competitively priced starting at $140, and are available with discounts in volume.

About ADLINK Technology

ADLINK Technology provides a wide range of embedded computing products and services to the test & measurement, automation & process control, gaming, communications, medical, network security, homeland security, and transportation industries. ADLINK products include integrated building blocks for Industrial Application Platforms: ISA, PCI, PXI, and PCI Express-based data acquisition and I/O; vision and motion control; and AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, PICMG, and COM Express modules for industrial computing. ADLINK strives to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its customers by providing customization and system integration services, maintaining low manufacturing costs, and extending the lifecycle of its products. ADLINK is a global company with headquarters and manufacturing in Taiwan; R&D and integration in Taiwan, China, and the US; and an extensive network of worldwide sales and support offices.

ADLINK is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and TL9000 certified, is an Associate Member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, an Executive Member of PICMG, a Sponsor Member of the PXI Systems Alliance, and an Associate Member of the LXI Consortium. ADLINK is a publicly traded company listed on the TAIEX Taiwan Stock Exchange. For more information visit www.adlinktech.com.