HD/SD USB Audio/Video Encoder

Video capture from various HD and SD sources: DVI, component.

Tigard, OR – Sensoray announces an addition to their extensive line of high quality, broadcast grade, low-latency and real-time video solutions. Model 2263S is a versatile USB audio/video encoder supporting multiple analog and digital input formats. It captures HD or SD video and simultaneously sends a compressed and an uncompressed (preview) stream to the host. Supported video inputs include DVI, component (with a component to DVI-I adapter, not included) and composite. Audio is optionally captured from analog line input, compressed and multiplexed into transport stream. It is well-suited for uncompromising capture of multiple video sources, such as video pipeline inspection, radar and sonar processing, remote video surveillance and traffic monitoring.

Model 2263S is designed as a UVC (USB Video Class) device, which means it does not require a device-specific driver. It is controlled using a video API (DirectShow or Video4Linux). Sensoray provides Software Development Kits (SDK that speed up application development) for several operating systems. A fully functional demo application illustrates the capabilities and serves as a good starting point for Custom Development.

Stream Format

The device implements efficient H.264 video compression. The resulting data is output as an MPEG transport stream (MPEG-TS), or in MP4 or AVI file formats. Audio compression is performed using AAC-LC. High precision hardware timestamps used for multiplexing aid in keeping audio and video data in sync. MJPEG compression is supported for snapshots and AVI streams.

For more information go to www.sensoray.com/PR09/2263

ABOUT Sensoray

Sensoray designs and manufactures OEM electronics for video imaging, data acquisition and machine control. Offering drivers for Windows or Linux, and live technical support, Sensoray is committed to helping ensure easy and rapid development. For more information, or to speak to an engineer regarding a custom design, visit www.sensoray.com, or email support@sensoray.com.