GAOTek Announces Its Advanced OTDR with Extra Short Event Dead Zone Detection

We once again deliver on the promise of value with this feature-rich OTDR
We once again deliver on the promise of value with this feature-rich OTDR


GAOTek Inc., a leading provider of fiber optic and telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments and other advanced engineering products, has announced another powerful addition to its Fiber Optic Instruments product line – an OTDR with Wide Dynamic Range. Its extra-short event dead zone enables effective detection of closely spaced events in fiber systems less than a meter apart. This light weight handheld OTDR is competitively priced in a market where most products with similar specification are priced significantly higher.

The OTDR’s high speed auto measurement and high speed auto analysis capabilities make it extremely convenient and easy for technicians to use, thus maximizing efficiency out in the field. Important features include 45dB high dynamic range, ≤1m extra-short event dead zone, 5m high distance resolution, fast auto measurement, one button operation, automatic communication light check, and remote function via Ethernet, among many more.

This OTDR adds to GAOTek’s well-established family of OTDR devices. This OTDR comes with the unique feature of online application software update, eliminating the hassle of returning to factory.

“We at GAOTek have always believed in delivering value, benefits and quality to our customers at substantially better prices than our competitors. Today, with our customers’ networks achieving never-seen-before speeds, quick recovery in case of faults has become extremely important with direct repercussions. Our state-of-the-art OTDR devices guarantee high efficiency and precision. We are proud to present this new addition in our OTDR line-up which with its extra-short event dead zone, can be used for even the shortest of patch cords linking data centers at customer facilities. "We once again deliver on the promise of value with this feature-rich OTDR. This value combined with a competitive price point makes it a market-winning product”, said Dr. Frank Gao, CEO, GAO Group.

The OTDR can be operated in three modes, namely manual mode, auto mode and dead zone mode. The manual mode supports real time and average measurement. Real time mode is very useful in observing the effect and process of fiber splicing. Average measurement allows noise suppression in trace. This reduces the signal to noise ratio (SNR), and improves accuracy.

The product is available on GAOTek’s own website, as well as some leading e-commerce marketplaces.

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GAOTek serves customers from more than 50 countries. GAOTek is known for the high quality and the good value of its products. Its strong technical support team provides excellent support for its products.

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