Fluke Connect(tm) System Now Available at Newark element14

The largest system of connected test tools in the world, Fluke Connect improves maintenance team communication, safety and productivity

CHICAGO – Newark element14 announces the availability of the new Fluke Connect™ system, which allows maintenance technicians to wirelessly transmit measurement data from their test tools to their smart phones for secure storage on the cloud and universal team access from the field. More than 20 Fluke tools connect wirelessly with the app, including digital multimeters, infrared cameras, insulation testers, process meters, and specific voltage, current and temperature models.

“We are thrilled to bring the new Fluke Connect system to market,” said Jimmy Seifert, senior vice president, product, supplier, asset and pricing at Newark element14. “This is another example of how we support our customers from the beginning of the design lifecycle all the way through to maintenance and repair. The Fluke Connect allows maintenance technicians to make better, faster decisions by giving them access to records and measurements in real-time and increases the safety of the technicians working with energized equipment.”

The Fluke Connect system features:

EquipmentLog™: allows technicians to assign measurements to specific equipment, creating a cloud-based history of test measurement data for easy access during both troubleshooting and reliability maintenance.

TrendIt™: enables technicians to instantly graph data, helping to identify trends and quickly make informed decisions.

AutoRecord™: allows technicians to automatically document measurements and infrared images to the Fluke Cloud™ storage, so everyone on the team with a smart phone and the app can see the data.

ShareLive™: video calls allow easy team collaboration, where technicians can share measurements in real-time, get approvals for repairs or get questions answered without leaving the field.

“The Fluke Connect system allows technicians to share data from anywhere,” said Sal Parlatore, vice president global marketing, Fluke Corporation. “In today’s increasingly connected business environment, it is critical for those in the field to be in constant contact with their teams. This app will revolutionize the way maintenance and repair technicians work, cutting back on costs and time and solving real-world problems through technology.”

To learn more about the system and download the app, visit the Fluke Connect homepage.

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