Fanless Intel Quad Core J1900 2.0Ghz Full IP65 Stainless Steel Box PC

Fanless Full IP65 Stainless Steel Box PC is the newest product of Kindgy techonology Inc. It can apply to various fields as communication, industrial automation, mining, food processing, military...etc.

Taipei ,Taiwan Sep,19,2016: introduces the newest product in the fulI P65 Stainless Steel box PC which utilizes the Intel® Celeron® J1900 Quad Core 2.0 GHz SoC : This full IP65 embedded controller expands its graphics performance greatly with the newest generation of Celeron® processors. Is also a fully waterproof platform, power saving performance controller designed for long-life operation 24/7 and with high reliability, is also designed for harsh environment.

The MBP-30T0-BF is a fanless rugged standalone, low noise full IP65 box PC designed for long-life operation and with high reliability, which also has flexible choice for rich I/O M12 waterproof connectivity solution to satisfy the versatile demands of Machine control, Factory Automation, Food Automation, Data processing, Fleet management, Data management and related applications, .It can replace traditional methods and become the mainstream controller for the market.

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