EnerNOC Introduces New Software Packages Designed to Accelerate Enterprise Adoption of EIS

New Packaging and Pricing Structure Makes it Easier for Enterprises to Realize Full Value of EIS

BOSTON -- EnerNOC, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENOC), a leading provider of energy intelligence (EIS), today unveiled a new pricing and package structure designed to accelerate adoption of its software by large enterprises and deliver the capabilities to manage energy cost drivers: how energy is bought, how much energy is used, and when energy is used. EnerNOC's new packages adopt a traditional -approach of 'good, better, best' bundling of features and services, with price points that reflect the increased customer value associated with more feature-rich, high touch deployments.

"Every core business function leverages an enterprise software solution to manage its respective costs and improve productivity, yet the majority of enterprises are still using spreadsheets to manage energy. This highly manual approach is error-prone, creates information silos that impede productivity, and restricts organizations' ability to evaluate energy management performance against clear financial metrics," said Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC. "Energy intelligence software helps organizations overcome these challenges and stop profit drains resulting from sub-optimal energy management. We've built a complete solution that customers like Colgate Palmolive, Deutsche Bank Real Estate, Petro Plastics, and Thermo Fisher Scientific rely on to manage costs and translate energy management into a competitive advantage."

"Energy spend is driven by three primary cost drivers: how you buy it, how much you use, and when you use it. Managing any one of those cost drivers will yield results, but managing them in an integrated fashion and understanding how they impact one another is what drives maximum savings. EnerNOC's new packages have been designed to give visibility into all three cost drivers in a single platform, while at the same time creating budget to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs through or supply financing," said Micah Remley, Vice President of Product Strategy and Technology at EnerNOC.

EnerNOC's energy intelligence software includes seven core areas of functionality:

-- Utility bill management: consolidates bills, tracks costing trends, and identifies and reports bill errors.

-- Supply management: accrues energy costs against budgets, and allows users to view pricing data and evaluate risk through scenario planning.

-- Visibility and reporting: visualizes real-time energy data in graphs, reports, and dashboards, automates ENERGY STAR reporting, and tracks KPIs.

-- Facility optimization: compares facilities against industry benchmarks, ranks facility performance, runs analytics on key metrics, and identifies energy efficiency measures.

-- Project management: tracks performance against baseline, measures and verifies projects, and helps to build the business cases for new investments.

-- Demand management: sends alerts on demand thresholds, analyzes where and when peaks occur, quantifies the cost impact of peak demand, and forecasts new facility and system peaks.

-- Demand response: maximizes payments from participation in regional demand response programs, and tracks and manages payments.

Enterprises can subscribe to EnerNOC's software on a monthly, per site basis. EnerNOC's basic package gives users the functionality needed to understand energy use and access to customer support and training resources. The standard package includes all features of the basic package, plus site-specific tariff-based budgeting and visibility, facility optimization, and increased access to EnerNOC's energy experts. EnerNOC's professional package includes additional capabilities including predictive analytics and a designated EnerNOC advisor. For a more detailed breakdown of features and packages, please visit: www.enernoc.com/solutions/enterprise-solutions/[...].

About EnerNOC

EnerNOC is a leading provider of -based energy intelligence software (EIS) and services to thousands of enterprise customers and utilities globally. EnerNOC's EIS solutions for enterprise customers improve energy productivity by optimizing how they buy, how much they use, and when they use energy. EIS for enterprise includes supply management, utility bill management, facility optimization, visibility and reporting, project management, demand management, and demand response. EnerNOC's EIS solutions for utilities help maximize the value of demand-side resources, including fully outsourced and utility-managed demand response and energy efficiency programs that drive customer engagement. EnerNOC supports customer success with its world-class professional services team and a Network Operations Center (NOC) staffed 24x7x365. For more information, visit www.enernoc.com.

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